Change Yourself With Celebrity Hairstyles

Changing your hairstyle or hair color are two of the simplest ways there are to change your appearance, to feel better about yourself. Long hair can be cut short, short hair can be styled in a new and exciting way or hair can be colored for a completely new look. It can be fun and exciting to let someone pamper you and your hair, giving you one of your own personal celebrity hairstyles.

Celebrities have the opportunity to change their appearance on a regular basis depending upon a role they may be auditioned for. Their hairdressers know that the easiest way to change an actresses appearance is color the hair, for example a celebrity such as Ashley Judd knows the value of looking well put together and phenomenal with short, medium or long hair that is kept its natural rich brown color or occasionally colored blonde.

Faith Hill is another great example of how a cut can dramatically change the way you look. Faith has, over the years, gone from luscious long locks to a short, fun, sassy hairstyle and back again. While she may be known for her longer hair, she was not afraid to experiment with a shorter cut.

The one thing that a celebrity has over their fans when it comes to choosing and maintaining a hairstyle is that celebrities have people who can help them every step of the way. While most everyday people don't have that option that does not mean that they are out of luck in getting beautiful celebrity hairstyles that looks great on you.

These tips for getting celebrity hairstyles without the hairstylist will help you to confidently ask for the hairstyle that is right for you.

Celebrity Hairstyles and Men

Most people would tend to think that women are the only ones who are interested in celebrity hairstyles; this couldn't be further from the truth. While most men may not want to admit it, they are just as interested, they are just quieter about it.

When men watch celebrities, with whom are they most interested in? Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, perhaps David Beckham? Who ever it is that men tend to watch, they too go to their barbers and ask for specific celebrity hairstyles. The difference between men and women is that they don't necessarily tell each other that their hair is styled after a particular celebrity.

Men don't want to advertise that they are asking for anything other than the "normal" cut when they visit the barbershop. It seems to be an unspoken rule, one that the barber knows very well. He knows exactly which celebrity hairstyle each man is quietly asking for and how to cut their hair accordingly.

Men are also more into styling products than they would like to let on. They aren't afraid to use them, but don't like to advertise that fact to their friends. They know that to achieve perfect celebrity hairstyles, takes time and money and they are ok with that.

While some men prefer the longer hairstyles of Keith Urban or Chris Cornell, others are looking for a celebrity hairstyle that is more styled such as those of Zach Efron or Brody Jenner. Whichever type of style they are looking for, men tend to be very specific and tend to stick with particular celebrity hairstyles much longer than women.

The tendency to stick with particular celebrity hairstyles is prevalent with celebrities as well as with other men. Because of this, men also tend to keep a specific barber for most of their lives, where women tend to bounce from hairdresser to hairdresser as the mood for something new strikes them.

Even if men don't advertise which celebrity hairstyle they are copying or that they use styling products, they are copying and they do use the products, just like women. Men tend to use products such as mouse and gel, although newer hair products such as putty are beginning to make their way into more and more men's hair styling regimen.

If you have a man who isn't taking great care of his hair, or is in dire need of a makeover, it may be a great idea to mention to him which celebrity hairstyles you like. If he doesn't seem to be paying attention, you may want to accompany him to his barber appointment and quietly suggest it to his barber instead, that may work better.